Toddler Fashion 2020: The Trendiest of Clothes for Your Tot

Toddler Fashion 2020: The Trendiest of Clothes for Your Tot

Someone once said, “Clothes are civilization. Clothes are what separate us from animals.” Granted it’s just a line from the TV show Castle (Season 2, Episode 3) and isn’t exactly the gospel truth. But you can glean the idea behind those words, right? If you are a mom—like me—who is constantly perusing catalogs for toddler fashion trendy clothing, you get the sentiment.

Toddler Fashion Baby with hat

In the 21st century, clothes are a big part of the conversation for a reason. A lot of times, it is about the presentation for the simple reason that clothes are the first things people see when they see our little ones. And just because they are not the ones to choose or that they grow out of their clothes, seemingly every two days, doesn’t mean they can’t have something that makes them look good. So it’s only fair that when you look for toddler fashion trendy clothing, you want the perfect mix of cool and comfortable for your tot. Whether it is for your baby’s day out or a costume party, there are myriads of brands popping up everywhere you go, offering fabrics in every kind shape, size and style. And this is your guide to finding the best and the brightest of the business.

If you can’t wait to check out my top picks, all of them can be found on Amazon, linked below.

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Where to Begin: It’s Just a Matter of Organizing

If you’re researching toddler fashion trendy clothing at a time when the kid seems to be growing every day, I feel your pain. You want to find a fabric that is comfortable and stylish but doesn’t go into the dumpster in a couple of months (or weeks even). You need to start by keeping in mind factors like seasons, dress codes, growth spurts, not to mention their own sense of style. And no, I haven’t forgotten about everyday wear and tear. It can be a fraught exercise with closets full of clothes but none that fit the baby.

Baby With mom Toddler Fashion

To make life easy, start with figuring out categories of clothes—what they wear at home and what’s for playdates, for parties and other outdoor engagements. There’s also the question of what to pick for a fancy meal out. Even if the bib is their best friend you must remember that there will be some spilling. It’s a cross we all have to bear.

Also, remember that some high-quality clothes last longer than cheap threads and budget yourself accordingly. Pro-tip: These can also work as hand me downs for the next kid or cousins, etc.

Toddler Fashion

Remember to make a list of the above-mentioned factors that are applicable to you and get started.

A Style Statement That Everyone Envies

When picking out toddler fashion trendy clothing, the first thing we all look for is color, pattern and fabric. That’s not negotiable whatever the age of the child and for whichever season you are buying clothes. Let’s look at what are the things to keep an eye out for depending on the purpose of the purchase.

Toddler Fashion Trends
  • Casual wear: Comfort is key. These are clothes your kid will spend a lot of time in. So they must absolutely love the fabric of toddler fashion trendy clothing. Depending on the season, you should pick cotton or woolen clothes. Make sure you double check the stitching, buttons and snaps on the piece and go for something that looks charming but is low priced. Once you find something that matches this description, maybe you can look for the same stuff in different colors. I find that to be the easiest way out. Remember, some clothes shrink after the first wash. So that’s another thing to keep in mind apart from the kid’s growth spurts.


  • Rocking the Outdoors: This is the situation I was talking about earlier when I mentioned presentation. If your baby is on a playdate, you want them to have fun and you kind of want their look to be the envy of the playground. But it can’t be something that ends up with you cleaning their mess for the rest of the weekend. For these occasions, you need to get mid-range everything kind of clothes. The design of toddler fashion trendy clothing should be cute, while the color and fabric are easily washable. If you are all going to a restaurant, nothing that makes a tiny splash of pasta sauce the stuff of nightmares. You want to get clothes that are easy to mix and match so that the same bunch of clothes gives a different look each time.
Toddler Causal Wear
  • It’s Time for Sports: This can be easy and tricky. When you are out in the playground there’s no telling what will end up on their clothes while you take a second to blink. This is also a great time to get some candid pictures that you will all treasure for a long time. So you don’t want to dress them up in cheap, even if durable, clothes but make them look like the pariah of the playground. So, for this purpose, you want to find clothes in the budget of casual wear but have an outdoorsy presentation. These are clothes that the children are comfortable wearing, in a fabric that doesn’t hold on to stains.
  • Costume Contest: This, of course, is the exception to the rule. Just remember that a costume is not just clothes. There are many DIY add-ons that you can stitch or glue around regular clothes and still be a winner. Just remember not to stitch things that will destroy the original garment.
Toddler clothes

Pro-tip: While how much you spend on toddler trendy clothes is mostly up to you, there’s only so much you can do when your baby’s measurements seem to be changing every other day. In this scenario, the best way to control your budget is to look for a sale. Whether it’s a mega summer sale or spring clearance sale, you will see pretty good options before and after a season. You should also be on the lookout before the holiday season and weekends.

The 8 Best Clothing Options for Toddlers

You want to pick the best clothes for your toddler without blowing a hole in your pocket. Whether it’s for a Christmas card or a Thanksgiving dinner, there are a ton of options out there. The best part, you can do it online. I’ve scoured (for as far as can be done, anyway) and found these eight options. Hope you like them as much as I did. 

1.    Splendid Boys’ Short Sleeve Tee Shirt and Bottom 2-Piece Set

If you are not familiar with this brand then just trust me. Splendid has a variety of affordable clothes. They understand that at a certain age, you are shopping for clothes which are flexible in size but don’t compromise on looks. This tee and bottom set just one of the many examples. 


  • This is a bright and colorful short sleeve t-shirt with a printed navy shorts set from Splendid. It comes in a variety of colors.
  • The good news is that it doesn’t shrink upon washing. It is 60% cotton and 40% modal and is machine washable.
  • The waist has an elastic band and can also be tied in the front. So it’s good during growth spurts.
  • It has pockets in the back and front which is great for style and comfort. 


  • It is machine washable.
  • It has a great range of colors.
  • It has pockets.
  • It does not shrink.
  • It suits the ages for 3 months to 7 years, which is as good as the window gets.


  • It is not suitable for all seasons.
  • It can get slightly pricey if you want a bigger size.

2.   Nautica Boys’ Vest Set

Some folks disagree but I think babies look adorable in formal clothes. Of course, I’m gunning for them in comfortable fabrics. Which is why I’ll recommend this four-piece vest set by Nautica. This is great for the spring season, whether you’re taking them for a cocktail party or a birthday celebration.  


  • The vest is 100% cotton while the shirt is a cotton (55%) and polyester (45%) blend. The pants are 100% cotton and the bow tie is 100% polyester. It is elegant and adorable at the same time.
  • The vest is beautifully tailored with four buttons. It has welt pockets and a pocket on the chest too with a handkerchief.
  • It has a silky solid back lining and is machine washable.
  • The pant is flat front and is of a solid Oxford design.
  • For toddlers, the pants come with an elastic band, no pockets, pressed creases and a hemmed bottom.
  • The shirt comes in a fun print and has buttons in the front. It has a modern point collar, long sleeves and buttoned barrel cuffs.
  • The bow tie in the plaid design is adjustable.


  • The fabric is super soft and the set is moderately priced.
  • The bow tie is functional and adjustable. 
  • The buttons on the shirt and vest are firm. 
  • It is machine washable.
  • It looks great during a photoshoot.


  • The hanky is sewn in.
  • Not many people have liked the pants so you might want to order them with an eye on the return date.
  • Sometimes the shade of the color may vary. So, magnify the image and check before placing the order. 

3.   Hope & Henry Boys’ Long Sleeve Poplin Button-Down Shirt

These button-down shirts from Hope & Henry are quite the delight. The company uses conventional production methods to make the fabric which they talk about in detail on their website. The shirt’s design itself is a classic and is a great multi-purpose garment. From casual outings to photoshoots, it fits the bill just fine. 


  • These delightful shirts are made of 100% cotton, exclusive of trims.
  • They are classic long sleeve, button-down shirts that feel super soft on the skin. The babies look sharp in shirts made of top quality raw materials.
  • Hope & Henry makes sustainable products keeping in mind that they can be handed down.
  • The shirts have matte pearlized buttons on the pocket, collar, cuffs and center front. The left chest pocket is functional.
  • The shirts are machine washable.


  • Hope & Henry uses organic cotton that is free of pesticides and insecticides.
  • These clothes are made with handing down in mind. So sustainability is a top priority.
  • The company has made a commitment not to exploit its workers. You will feel good about buying their products and showing support. 
  • It is machine washable.


  • As you reduce the age bracket, the number of available colors decreases.
  • Check the sizes carefully. They might not always match the age.
  • Tends to wrinkle after a wash.
  • It’s not slim fit so if your toddler is skinny the right size also ends up looking a bit big.

4.   Levi’s Boys Basic T-Shirt

It’s not difficult to relate to Levi’s. The brand has been around for a long time and delivers nothing but quality. These are meant for comfort. So your baby will love it and will look dapper at the same time. Take this striped tee for example. It is made of soft fabric, never goes out of style and will last you a while so you can think about handing it over to the next kid.


  • These casual wear T-shirts are 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
  • The crew neck and short sleeve t-shirts are imported and machine washable.
  • The material is soft and the design is classic stripes.
  • The pattern is minimalist with an embroidered “batwing” logo at the chest. 


  • It is not pricey at all, considering it’s Levi’s.
  • The fabric is durable. So it tends to last longer.
  • This is another company that makes ethics a priority so you can get great clothes without feeling guilty.
  • It is made for denim jeans should you choose to buy those.  
  • It is available from small to X-large, 2 to 7 years of age. 
  • It is machine washable.


  • This may not work in places that experience extreme winter.
  • Customers have complained that the size chart is not very helpful. So check return dates before buying.
  • There might be discrepancies in color when ordered online. 

5. Spotted Zebra Girls’ 4-Pack Sleeveless Tank Tops

This is an Amazon brand and comes in a pack of four for girls. Each tank top comes in a great combination of colors and the pack has a good variety. The graphics are bold and your girls will love the distinctive style.


  • It is 100% cotton and is imported. The colors are bright and the design is comfortable. It is machine washable.
  • The neck is tag-free is great for parents who want to mix and match them.
  • It is also reviewed as a great model for toddlers who are in that awkward in-between phase.
  • They look great on any color leggings or jeggings. 


  • It is a durable pack of four and will keep you going for a while.
  • The toddler fashion trendy clothing texture is great especially when you’re looking for non-itchy/scratchy clothes.
  • The perfect blend of casual and cool for playdates.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is thick enough and no see through.


  • It is not for extreme weather.
  • The sizing is a bit tricky. 
  • They shrink upon washing.

6. Nautica Girls’ Short Sleeve Floral Dress

Nautica is back on the list. This time it’s floral dresses for girls. Your baby girl can wear it with a cardigan sweater or a jacket and voila! It works in different seasons, too. Well, for the most part anyway. Top it off (or bottom) with sneakers or sandals for the look you desire.


  • Apart from having a variety to choose from, these jersey-knit dresses are a great blend of cotton (60%) and polyester (40%).
  • It is imported and machine washable.
  • This model has a floral print on the front bodice with solid black striped sleeves.
  • The quality is high and the material is soft.
  • It’s also a great gift for girls this age.


  • The floral design fits changing trends.
  • It offers quality and is value for money.
  • This model alone has three different designs to choose from.
  • The brand is well-trusted among parents of toddlers. 
  • Works well in different seasons since you can pair it with sweaters and boots.
  • It is machine washable.


  • Some reviewers have mentioned problems with the size so try as soon as it is delivered in case you have size issues.

7.  Levi’s Girls’ Romper

Another favorite, it’s no surprise that Levi’s is a coveted brand for both boys and girls. This romper is for you moms who are not the biggest fans of floral, puffy dresses. This blue beauty is reasonably priced and goes well for a casual outing.


  • This romper is 100% cotton and closes with buttons in the front.
  • It is imported and is machine washable.
  • The romper is woven and has two pockets in the front and has cap sleeves.
  • The fabric is light and is standard fit.
  • The waist has an elastic and it is relaxed at the hips and thighs. So don’t worry about your growing baby.
  • In the toddler size, there are a bunch of designs to choose from. It has a  metallic bow and henley buttons at the front.


  • It is durable and lasts long enough to qualify for a hand me down.
  • The ethical standards of Levi’s are a strong reason to support the brand.
  • You don’t have to shop any further looking for what to pair it with.
  • It is machine washable.


  • It is slim cut so you might want to check if that works for your toddler.
  • Sometimes the color is not the same shade as you see in the catalog.
  • Be sure to check the size as some customers have had problems.
  • White can be a dampener for a messy child.  

8.  Disney Minnie Mouse Tank Top & Twill Shorts Set

This top and shorts set from Disney is a keeper. It’s a great outfit for sun and sand or just a lazy day at home. Minnie Mouse is stylish and colorful and fits the fashion of a kid her age. 


  • The shirt is 100% polyester and the shorts are 60% cotton and 40% polyester.
  • This fashionable sleeveless top comes with a cross front hem. And it has glittering daisies on the bow.
  • The daisy print twill shorts are navy and white stripes and have an elastic to fit bellies of many sizes.
  • This officially licensed set is inexpensive, comfortable and great everyday wear.
  • Make sure you wash it cold when throwing it in the washing machine.


  • The design is lively and the material is comfortable. It puts a smile on your baby and the face of anyone looking at her.
  • It is officially licensed so the material lives up to Disney standards.
  • The design is intact after a machine wash.   
  • Customers have loved the colors and print.


  • Wash it cold in a washing machine.
  • It is not for winters.
  • This is a tricky age group so size, once again, is the dark horse to watch out for.

Bottom Line

My favorite of the lot is undoubtedly number 7, the Levi’s girls romper. Although, I did spend a considerable amount of time on the boys’ vest set.

Toddler Fashions Trends

The romper’s design is trendy and it doesn’t assume gender roles. It is nice to see toddler fashion trendy clothing for girls that is not all flowers and frilly. The baby will be comfortable in the cotton piece of toddler fashion trendy clothing and it also makes quite the style statement with the bow and hem design. It is a great choice for playdates, parties, picnics and dinner outings too. It comes with pockets and is easy to wash. The waist, hips and thighs are taken care of so growth spurts are not a cause for concern toddler fashion trendy clothing. For a Levi’s product, it is not so expensive. The fabric is great and there are a few designs to choose from toddler fashion trendy clothing.

Toddler Fashions Trends

On the other hand, the boys’ vest set looks great. If I have to take my boy out for an event which warranted formal clothes, that’s the one I’d pick. It is classy, the fabric is great and is easy to wash. I kind of hoped that the hanky was not sewn in. We can all agree that for him to be able to keep his cleaning cloth on him would have been pretty great. Still, it is a great outfit. The design is beautiful and it is easy to wash. The bow tie is removable so after the first round of presentation is done, it can be removed if the baby is uncomfortable. The pants are elastic which means I can use them later on with other solid shirts and keep at it when he hits his growth spurt.

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